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Schneider vs. Bax (2015)

Slo naslov: - 
Država: Nizozemska
Leto: 2015
Dolžina: 96',  Imdb
Žanri: Komedija, Triler   
Slo recenzija: -
Režija: Alex van Warmerdam
Scenarij: Alex van Warmerdam
Igrajo: Tom Dewispelaere, Alex van Warmerdam, Maria Kraakman, Annet Malherbe


Schneider, a hit man, gets a call from Mertens on the morning of his birthday. He has a rush job for Schneider who refuses it, because it is his birthday and he has promised Lucy, his wife, to help her with the preparations for the dinner party. Mertens insists that it is an important matter. Schneider is told that the target is Ramon Bax, a writer. He lives alone in a secluded place. "It's an easy job. With a little luck you're back home before noon." Schneider accepts the assignment. What seems to be a simple job turns out to be more than expected.


Described by its renaissance man creator Alex van Warmerdam as a “ stylistic exercise”, Schneider Vs. Bax is an expertly crafted campfire yarn with a chaotic plot that pirouettes between coincidence, contrivance, bad timing and costly errors. There are no hidden depths, no overt moralising or secret meanings, just playfully subversive genre storytelling that engages from moment to moment but eventually runs out of steam. (Allan Hunter, Screen Daily)


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