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For Lovers Only (2011)

Slo naslov: Samo za ljubimce
Država: ZDA
Jezik: angleščina, francoščina
Leto: 2011
Dolžina: 87',  Imdb
Žanri: Drama, Romantični
Slo recenzija: -
Režija: Michael Polish
Scenarij: Mark Polish
Igrajo: Mark Polish, Stana Katic, Anne Macina


Potem ko se po mnogih letih vnovič srečata na službeni poti v Parizu, nekdanja ljubimca skupaj pobegneta. Čez Francijo se podata z vlakom, avtomobilom in motociklom, od Normandije do St. Tropeza. Med brezskrbno avanturo doživljata trenutke blažene sreče in nedolžnega veselja, a jih grenijo tudi prebliski občutkov krivde in zmede. Zaključek ljubezenske zgodbe je prepuščen razlagi vsakega gledalca posebej. -HBO Slovenija


FOR LOVERS ONLY is a story of a MAN and a WOMAN in love. After seeing each other for the first time in years while on separate work assignments in Paris, the LOVERS flee together and travel by train, car and motorcycle, as their love affair takes them across France-from Normandy to St. Tropez. Throughout their trip, both characters experience long periods of carefree bliss and unrepentant joy punctuated by brief moments of guilt and confusion. The final outcome of the affair is left open to interpretation. This picture is a study and meditation on two LOVERS. A picture that practices restraint and embraces limitation-that allows the viewer to hold no judgement on the LOVERS behavior, but to accept these two and their passion for one another as something beautiful and rare. Snippets of information begin to reveal who these two are, but it's not enough to judge them. It's the viewer's participation that creates the intrigue as the screenplay delicately weaves vital information about the LOVERS into the narrative thread. Shot in two weeks on a whirlwind tour through the most romantic Old World cities of Europe-FOR LOVERS ONLY is inspired by Claude Lelouche's A MAN AND A WOMAN encapsulates the spirit of the French New Wave. This approach allowed the Polish Brothers to get to the heart of storytelling. It's bare, simple and complicated at times, where every word counts-every moment meaningful-not a breath wasted. -Rotten Tomatoes


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