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Geunomida (2015)

aka Fatal Intuition

Slo naslov: -
Angleški naslov: Fatal Intuition
Država: Južna Koreja
Jezik: korejščina
Leto: 2015
Dolžina: 109',  Imdb
Žanri: Triler
Slo recenzija: -
Režija: Yoon Joon-Hyeong
Scenarij: Yoon Joon-Hyeong
Igrajo: Joo Won, Yu Hae-Jin, Lee Yoo-Young, Ryoo Hye-Young


Since their parents' death in a car accident, Jang-Woo (Joo Won) has taken care of his younger teen sister, Eun-Ji (Ryoo Hye-Young). He watches over her almost too protectively. One night, Jang-Woo goes out and when he returns he finds Eun-Ji missing. Later, Jang-Woo notices a suspicious fellow lurking in the background. He gives chase.

Shi-Eun (Lee Yoo-Young) is an outcast, shunned and mocked by others. Her frayed personality is due to her overwhelming ability to see the deaths of others before it happens. Her heavy guilt leads Shi-Eun to help Jang-Woo in his chase. - Asianwiki


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