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Something, Anything (2014)

Slo naslov:
Država: ZDA
Leto: 2014
Dolžina: 88',  Imdb
Žanri: Drama, Romantični   
Slo recenzija: -
Režija: Paul Harill
Scenarij: Paul Harill
Igrajo: Ashley Shelton, Bryce Johnson, Linds Edwards, Amy Hubbard


In this low-key jewel of a movie, newcomer Ashley Shelton delivers a stirring performance as Peggy, a seemingly typical Southern newlywed on the path to a perfect career, home, and family. But when a tragedy shatters her plans for domestic bliss, Peggy spins away from her husband and career and gradually transforms into a spiritual seeker, quietly threatening the closest relationships around her. With his debut feature, award-winning writer/director Paul Harrill reveals a unique directorial sensibility and delivers a refreshing story of human transformation. [Google Play]


Marked by an affecting and understated performance from newcomer Ashley Shelton, this lovely drama tends toward the over-emphatic at times, but overall demonstrates a warm, subtle intelligence in the way it captures a person's growing sense of dislocation from the traditional pressures of marriage, family and career. [Justin Chang, Variety]


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