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Certain Women (2016)

Slo naslov: - 
Država: ZDA
Leto: 2016
Dolžina: 107' ,  Imdb
Žanri: Drama  
Slo recenzija: -
Režija: Kelly Reichardt
Scenarij: Maile Meloy, Kelly Reichardt
Igrajo: Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Lily Gladstone, Kristen Stewart, James Le Gros, Jared Harris, Rene Auberjonois


After showing interest in thriller mechanics with 2013’s “Night Moves,” writer/director Kelly Reichardt returns to the meditative state she’s most comfortable with in “Certain Women.” The creator of “Old Joy,” “Wendy and Lucy,” and “Meek’s Cutoff,” Reichardt has showcased a fascination with the purity of human emotion, putting her characters through trials of survival, but on a relatable scale, with more attention paid to the nuances of behavior than overall pressures of plotting. She’s marvelous with personalities, mastering a way with small details and naturalistic interactions, finding tension in unexpected places. “Certain Women” plays to Reichardt’s strengths, working through three tales of attachment and negotiation, creating intimate spaces with fascinating people. It’s not a bold picture, but something that seeps into the system slowly and satisfyingly. 


Few contemporary filmmakers can do quite as much with quiet as Kelly Reichardt. Superficially empty soundscapes are layered so intricately with the rustle of nature, the brooding of weather and the breathing of preoccupied people that her films come to seem positively noisy to a sympathetic ear. So it is in the marvelous “Certain Women,” where the storytelling has a similarly latent impact. Separating the spare narratives of several disparate Montana women — a morally stressed lawyer, a nest-building mother, a lonely ranch hand — waiting indefinitely for their worlds to fall into place, it’s a peculiarly riveting examination of the lives lived when even their owners aren’t looking. Crafted with Reichardt’s customary calico-textured beauty and expertly performed by such hand-picked ensemble players as Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams and Laura Dern, this unapologetically open-ended slow burn probably won’t convert many viewers to Reichardt’s softly-softly sensibility, but it’s among her richest, most refined works. [Guy Lodge, Variety]

[RT Critics Consensus]

Certain Women further demonstrates writer-director Kelly Reichardt's gift for telling the stories of ordinary people with uncommon empathy and skill.


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