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Goksung (2016)

aka The Wailing

Slo naslov: - 
Angleški naslov: The Wailing
Država: Južna Koreja
Leto: 2016
Dolžina: 156',  Imdb
Žanri: Drama, Grozljivka, Misterij  
Slo recenzija: -
Režija: Na Hong-Jin
Scenarij: Na Hong-Jin
Igrajo: Kwak Do-Won, Hwang Jung-Min, Jun Kunimura, Chun Woo-Hee, Kim Hwan-Hee


Within a seemingly peaceful village, a plague of mysterious & violent deaths suddenly take place. The police conclude poisonous wild mushrooms are the cause of the deaths. Police Officer Jong-Goo (Kwak Do-Won) hears a rumor from a coworker about a mysterious Japanese man (Jun Kunimura) living nearby. The rumor fingers the Japanese man as the man causing these mysterious & violent deaths. Jong-Goo, while on duty, meets Moo-Myeong (Chun Woo-Hee). She tells Jong-Goo that she saw the Japanese man where the last deaths took place. Jong-Goo's doubts about the man begin to waver.

Jong-Goo's daughter Hyo-Jin then comes down with the crazed symptoms similar to what the other villagers had before their deaths. Jong-Goo becomes desperate. He heads out into the mountains to find the old Japanese man's home. Meanwhile, his mother-in-law calls in a shaman, Il-Gwang (Hwang Jung-Min), to perform an exorcism on Hyo-Jin. Death lingers in the air.


As dark and pessimistic as the rest of South Korean thrill-master Na Hong Jin's work, The Wailing (Goksung, a.k.a. The Strangers in France) is long and involving, permeated by a tense, sickening sense of foreboding, yet finally registers on a slightly lower key than the director's acclaimed genre films The Chaser (2008) and The Yellow Sea (2010). 
[Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter]

Renowned for his relentless storytelling, Na Hong-jin takes The Wailing to a new level, confirming his place as one of Korea’s leading contemporary filmmakers. Its sheer intensity and ambiguous narrative might put off some viewers, but this latest film - set in a village where people start to mysteriously die when a Japanese stranger appears - could well be regarded as one of the best films to emerge from Korea in recent years. 
[Screen Daily, Jason Bechervaise] 


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