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Vivir y otras ficciones (2016)

aka Living and Other Fictions
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Slo naslov: -
Angleški naslov: Living and Other Fictions
Država: Španija 
Jezik: španščina
Leto: 2015
Dolžina: 81'Imdb
Žanri: drama
Režija: Jo Sol
Scenarij: Jo Sol
Igrajo: Pepe Rovira, Antonio Centeno, Arántzazu Ruiz, Ann Perelló, Niño de Elche, “Makoki”, Oriol Roqueta del Rio, Soledad Arnau Ripollé


Pepe has left the psychiatric hospital after serving time for stealing to work. Only the solidarity of Antonio, a disabled activist, allows him to build a fragile life on which to project his weak hopes. Nevertheless, his need to fit in a senseless world becomes a desperate chore. The horizon of his long-awaited “normality’’ proves unreachable. The relationship with Antonio interpellates his view of life, inviting him to recognize himself as an anomaly and invent a new madness in which to live. 
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