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Hide and Seek (2014)

Drugi naslovi: Amorous  
Slo naslov: -
Država: VB, ZDA
Leto: 2014
Dolžina: 82',  Imdb
Žanri: Drama, Romantični 
Slo recenzija: -
Režija: Joanna Coates
Scenarij: Daniel Metz, Joanna Coates
Igrajo:  Josh O'Connor, Hannah Arterton, Rea Mole, Daniel Metz, Joe Banks


In an isolated English cottage, four young people from London move in together, seeking to challenge social conventions and their own tolerances by engaging in scheduled partner-swapping.

As their inhibitions and past traumas fade, they achieve a unique kind of collective happiness but the durability of their new living arrangement is tested by the arrival of an outsider who fails to get in tune with the foursome's radical spirit.

An inventive and engaging film that uses an elegant, delicate style to gently probe both the protagonists' ideals and our own convictions about love and sex.

A genuinely radical take on current woes and wishes, Hide And Seek takes the glooms of today and transforms them into a beguiling and provocative modern fable.
HIDE AND SEEK was developed as an international co-production, bringing together an English director and an American producer. Coates and Metz combined techniques and traditions from their respective backgrounds to create a film reflecting the best parts of
American and English independent film.

HIDE AND SEEK uses the wisdom and economy of modern indepedent filmmaking to make its unconventional story come to life. Utilizing small crews, improvisational performance, upand-coming young actors and intimate stories, the film is a powerful, visually arresting take on the current crisis in youth culture.

[Director’s Biography]

Joanna Coates is a BAFTA nominated filmmaker. She has recently directed her debut feature drama, HIDE AND SEEK, following the success of her recent short film Where Are They Now? She has directed long-form and short arts documentaries for organisations including Channel 4’s More4, The National Theatre, Royal Opera House, The Guardian, and has had her films screened at International and UK festivals, The BFI and Channel 4.  (source: official site)


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