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Takva su pravila [These Are the Rules] (2014)

Drugi naslovi: These Are the Rules
Slo naslov: Takšna so pravila
Država: Hrvaška, Francija, Srbija
Leto: 2014
Dolžina: '77,  Imdb
Žanri: Drama  
Slo recenzija: -
Režija: Ognjen Sviličić
Scenarij: Ognjen Sviličić
Igrajo: Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Jasna Žalica, Hrvoje Vladisavljević, Ljubomir Bandović


Maja, Ivo and their 17-year-old son Tomica are an ordinary family from Zagreb. Maja and Ivo are nearing retirement and are struggling financially while Tomica is unemployed after graduating from high school.

One day, for no apparent reason, Tomica is attacked and beaten by a group of kids in the street. The next day, he suffers from a strong headache. His parents take him to hospital, but the doctors find only minor injuries. Soon after, Tomica collapses and slides into a coma, and it becomes clear that his condition is life-threatening. Maja and Ivo are suddenly thrown into a challenging situation, in which they decide to fight against the apathetic system.

The film's screenplay is inspired by a real-life 2008 incident in which Luka Ritz, an 18-year-old high school graduate, died of injuries sustained in a seemingly senseless attack by a group of teens. His case received high-profile media coverage in Croatia and led to the establishment of the national Luka Ritz Award for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence in schools. 

This event made me think about his parents, and how they dealt with this tragedy. I imagined ordinary people, who had always obeyed the laws and the rules. But now, when they are faced with this horrible tragedy, no one wants to help them, and they are unable to do anything about it. No one listens to them, no one cares, they are simply not important. These people represent the majority that suffers quietly, and also carries on through the injustices done to them. My story is dedicated to these people.(Ognjen Sviličić)


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